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Collapsible boxes
More than just packaging

Collapsible boxes is one of many possibilities for packaging, transporting and storing products. They protect the contents and inform the consumer.

The information may contain factual as well as advertising statements.

Advertising is, however, the most important contribution to sales success. The eye-catching quality of retail packaging determines the turnover.

Based on this insight, WEILO-PRINT has put quality print in the foreground.

In the supermarkets, products which are not noticed remain on the shelf!

There are, however, many ways of enthusing the buyer. The multiplicity of materials is fortunate, but is also an obstacle.

Not with WEILO-PRINT! WEILO-PRINT is a problem solver for difficult surfaces, printing almost all plastics, laminates and every combination of materials and processing these into collapsible boxes with high marketing impact. To achieve the best result, the frontiers of technology must consistently be advanced.

When others capitulate, WEILO-PRINT is there!

Conquering constraints, planning success!


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